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Hi, I am the Vice president Zidora Group of companies and Co- founder of Zidora Travel Maternity Services. We work with expectant parents interested in giving birth in USA, Canada etc.We also assist people get visas and flight tickets to all countries.

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As a mother of 2 beautiful children born in the United States ,I had lots of people asking me questions about my experience in giving birth in the US. Some of the questions are:  What hospital and State did you have your baby? When you applied for your visa was your tummy showing? How much did the entire process cost? What was your point of entry experience? What did immigration ask you and what were your answers? How much cash did you carry when travelling? Did you apply for medical visa or you used your visiting visa to have your baby in the US?  How many months pregnant were you when you left for the US? Etc

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This compelled me to start Zidora Travel Maternity Service and since its inception in 2014 we have helped so many pregnant women travel with ease and access good, affordable hospitals in the U.S, Canada etc.


An American/Canadian citizen can travel to 147 countries visa-free,do not deny your child a lifetime of opportunities. Click On The Green Call Button Now or WhatsApp Us Today

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We are simply born out of the passion to succeed excellently in our special areas of business activities and therefore, the boundaries of our services are extended to Education, Oil and Gas, Import and Export, Transportation, Medicals, Travel & tour, and Contracts. Read more


  • To leave indelible footprints of excellence.
  • To achieve goals considered impossible through dedication, hard-work and honesty.
  • To set high records of success through our best services that will permanently remain unbeatable.
  • To serve and make our clients fulfilled and thereby leave them in a haste to return back for future transactions.


With all zest, we work to protect our identity of success through accountability and responsibility. We refuse to settle for anything close to success because success has no other name, we therefore work to execute all business projects diligently. To work together as a unit with common objectives of excellent achievements through hard-work, and accountability through transparency.